The workshop will be conducted according to the principles and methods developed by Brazilian artist and activist Augusto Boal, its goal being the training of artists involved in the project according to those methods. The workshop is done in partnership with NoProductions association from Oslo and will be coordinated by Norwegian artist Morten Bruun. It will end with a public performative presentation.

The workshop will be held together with students from “George Cosbuc” National Bilingual College in Bucharest throughout the 2nd school semester and will be coordinated by some of the artists involved in the workshop held by Morten Bruun. The workshop will explore theatre forum methods, but also other types of participatory theatre, focusing on the political dimension and on students’ self-organization with the help of those respective methods. The workshop will end with a public presentation.

Morten Bruun has a B.A. degree in Acting from University of East London, UK. He also has a degree in Drama Pedagogy from Oslo University College. Morten Bruun has worked as a theater actor in Norway, the U.K. and the U.S.A. As a producer, he has had a special interest in collaborative processes between artists from many countries. “Amazonas” (Bagatela Theater, Krakow) and the workshop “A Day in the Life of the City” (The Living Theatre, NY) are both examples of projects he has managed on behalf of Norwegian company Theatre of Cruelty. Morten has initiated and implemented drama programs exploring methodology from theatre as tools for communication and social awareness. Having studied the social theatre work of Augusto Boal, he became inspired to develop these ideas in a contemporary context.

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