Born in the Wrong Place
Post Scriptum
Closer than Close
After Trajan and Decebalus
Heated Minds
A History of Protests
Because You're Worth It

POST SCRIPTUM performed by the 4th Age group

With: Iudith Ardeleanu, Marius Armașu, Margareta Eschenazy, Lidia Fonea, Pompiliu Sterian, Eva Szemler Lendvay, Dorotea Weissbuch, Jak Neumann.
4th Age coordinators: Paul Dunca, Alice Monica Marinescu, Mihaela Michailov, Katia Pascariu, David Schwartz.

Writing a letter represents a cultural and political act which stands as a document of personal-social communication. In Post Scriptum, the residents of Moses Rosen home talk about who they wrote their first letter to, how the writing ritual unfolded, who they wrote love letters to and what they would write to a politician. Post Scriptum represents the performing of a vanishing social ritual.