CLOSER THAN CLOSE – performed by the 4th Age group

Group: IudithArdeleanu, Marius Armașu, MihaelaBîrlegi, Margareta Eschenazy, Renee Necleevici, PompiliuSterian, Eva SzemlerLendvay, DoroteaWeissbuch, Gabriela Anghel, StelianaAnghel, RodicaDumitrache, Cristina Focșa, Ani One, IlieZan, CătălinRulea, Alexandra Carastoian, Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Alice Monica Marinescu, MihaelaMichailov, Katia Pascariu, David Schwartz

Closer than Close is a community performance wherein part of the residents of Moses Rosen retirement home and part of the staff, who are with them on a daily basis, come together on stage to reconstruct everyday rituals, dance, reminisce about their lives together and tell stories about the weaker and stronger connections between them; about what keeps them together and what they’ve learned from each other. Closer than Close depicts the history of everyday life in a retirement home.

Born in the Wrong Place
Post Scriptum
Closer than Close
After Trajan and Decebalus
Heated Minds
A History of Protests
Because You're Worth It