A HISTORY OF PROTESTS (work in progress)

Team: Mădălina Brândușe, Paul Dunca, Adela Iacoban, Alice Monica Marinescu, Mihaela Michailov, Katia Pascariu, Alex Potocean, Cătălin Rulea, David Schwartz, Ionuț Sociu, Andrei Șerban, Marius-Bogdan Tudor.

The performance will research the history of resistance movements in Romania after 1918 and is based on an ample documentation of collective and individual protest from a perspective thus far seldom investigated historically, politically and artistically: the workers’ protests and strikes from 1918-1920; women’s role and activity within the illegal Communist movement; workers’ protests in the 1970s; union resistance to the dodgy privatizations of the 1990s.

Born in the Wrong Place
Post Scriptum
Closer than Close
After Trajan and Decebalus
Heated Minds
A History of Protests
Because You're Worth It