HEATED MINDS. June 13-15, 1990

By MihaelaMichailov& David Schwartz
Cast: AlexandruPotocean
Sound: Cătălin Rulea
Scenography: Adrian Cristea / Adela Iacoban

The performance Heated Minds retrieves a slice of living history from the perspectives of the social actors involved in the events and reactivates it in the public conscience. The truth about these events is represented by the sum of mostly contradictory viewpoints, and therefore impossible to limit to one single perspective. The project is built on a documenting process involving several methods: interviews with witnesses, newspaper accounts, reports filed by different organizations and institutions, discussions, public debates, workshops etc., focused on the events which took place in Bucharest during June 13-15, 1990.

Born in the Wrong Place
Post Scriptum
Closer than Close
After Trajan and Decebalus
Heated Minds
A History of Protests
Because You're Worth It