UNDERGROUND. The Jiu Valley after 1989

By: Mihaela Michailovși David Schwartz
Cast: Alice Monica Marinescu, Katia Pascariu, AlexandruPotocean, Andrei Șerban.
Scenography: Adrian Cristea, music: BogdanBurlăcianu, videodocumenting: Vlad Petri

Underground. The Jiu Valley after 1989 aims to document the economic situation, life and work of the miners during post-Socialism. Theater Undergroundis a project of performative reconstruction of the document-stories which set the foundation for the history of the communities in the Jiu Valley, communities which find themselves somewhere between survival, migration, disappearance and possible reconstruction.The performance aims to revalue the stories, the issues and the culture of those social categories often ignored in post-Socialist Romanian theater: working-class communities.

Born in the Wrong Place
Post Scriptum
Closer than Close
After Trajan and Decebalus
Heated Minds
A History of Protests
Because You're Worth It